Always Watching

Can be set up anywhere

  • May 2019


  • Computer with a command line interface
  • python3

Have you ever been concerned with the level of access we give websites to our personal information? Ever had the feeling that your phone is listening to what you are saying? This project attempts to see if even participants are aware they are being recording without explicitly stating they are being recorded, but affording them the opportunity to be aware that they are.

The goal of this project was to determine both if people were aware of the fact that they were being recorded. An interactive choose your own adventure game was coded in python. Instructions were provided to the participant, so they would be able to access the game using the terminal on a MacBook Pro. No attempt was made to conceal the fact participants were being recorded. The green light on the webcam was on for the entirety of the participants recording. This participant was unaware they were being recorded until they finished the story and were told they were recorded the whole time.